Bowman's Girl

Complete, catalog Style Pedigree. Bowman's Girl is by  the broodmare sire, Bowman's Band, that despite his premature death has made his mark in the thoroughbred world. A hard knocking race horse, of over 100k, she is perfect cross with Flat Out. She will produce a foal inbred like the Triple Crown winner, American Pharaoh. This is her first foal.

Pedigree Bowman's Girl

2018 Foal Out of Bowman's Girl

Compare this nick to the one of American Pharaoh. You will be amazed!

Nick 2018 Foal

American Pharaoh

Notice the dosage index, center of distribution, and inbreeding. Virtually the same as the prospective foal out of Bowman's Girl!

Stud Page American Pharaoh

5 Cross Pedigree Prospective Foal

Lots of speed. Bred to be fast on the front in with inbreeding Mr. P, and and Northern Dancer.

5 Cross Pedigree